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ZFS, stay cool even if it is not the time for being cool.

Ok what’s the point I misconfigured up my rpool of the opensolaris filer by using zfs-fuse on linux. which leads me to the following problem.   pool: rpool state: ONLINEconfig:         NAME           STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM        rpool          ONLINE       0     0     … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris NAS with WAKE-ON-LAN (WOL) – Overview – OpenSolaris is master – HOWTO

Hey as i have already written down and as everyone can ready everywhere, OpenSolaris does not support WOL up to now (@01/2010). This was a real drawback if you like to have your NAS in the basement or in an unattached setup. So i took this challenge and found the following working solution for my setup.

NAS OS – OpenSolaris
WOL OS – Linux (in my case Ubuntu 9.10)

Ok, what does that mean? Basically the problem with WOL is that the OS has to support the right shutdown procedures in order to keep the WOL device powered and configured the right way in order to receive the wake up package, so it is a little bit more than WOL=1 *SMILE*.

So Linux support for the most NIC WOL, therefore my solution is quite simple, for a NAS shutdown reboot into Linux and setup WOL there and than really shut down.

How to do:

Assuming: OpenSolaris is already running
ToDo: Install Linux with Grub in partition setup
ToDo-OpenSolaris: add you Linux lines to the OpenSolaris GRUB.
ToDo-OpenSolaris: make the Linux default for next boot (change the /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst default entry)
ToDo-Linux: Add a script to /etc/rc.local in order to setup WOL, change back OpenSolaris-Grub boot order to normal and shutdown


Details will follow… Continue reading

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Filer based on OpenSolaris

Since years i have a filer based storage at home. In former times it was based on Linux with software-raid5 it worked out very well. After i moved i heard about OpenSolaris and ZFS so after some playing around with … Continue reading

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