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openbr @ docker

Hi, just testing face recognition and face detection, so i came over openbr. In order not to mess up my system i build it via docker, that what i like to share. building: docker build -t openbr openbr/. running (enables … Continue reading

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wtv2m2t – windows media center recordings to m2t format

Hi, so i am on a journey from windows to linux an one of my encounters it the history of windows media center files, in my case wtv-files. I would like to process them like all my DVB-T recordings with … Continue reading

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Upgrade to from Windows 7 (with broken update) to Windows 10 – old school

Hi, as most I was rushing this week to get my windows 7 (qemu instance) upgraded to windows 10, actually it was quite trouble some. Most pain gave me the broken update function in my windows 7 installation (which I … Continue reading

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Freetz @ docker

Hi, as you may already notice I nowadays used to play with docker. Therefore I just tried to dockerize Freetz. Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:vivid #FROM ubuntu:trusty RUN mkdir -p /opt /opt/home /opt/bin RUN adduser –disabled-password –home /opt/home/freetz freetz RUN apt-get install … Continue reading

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Windows 10 ahead… so i have to change some things…

Ok what i mean with that, basically i get a little bit strange feelings when a major vendors starts to give one a main product for free in the future and as many i like windows 7, i was a … Continue reading

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Docker own registry–first struggles …

So following all the documentation I set up my own registry, but I stumbled over one issue (reported or not I have not checked this) for a standalone server. So starting point is the config_sample.yml which was copied to config.yml … Continue reading

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Docker first evaluation

Hi, so again something to share just started to eval docker from Looks quite intressting, despite the fact is fells like “zfs” basically the functionallity is summaries in: DM managed Container chrooted fs + Meta information CHrooted (+ name … Continue reading

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