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Freetz @ docker

Hi, as you may already notice I nowadays used to play with docker. Therefore I just tried to dockerize Freetz. Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:vivid #FROM ubuntu:trusty RUN mkdir -p /opt /opt/home /opt/bin RUN adduser –disabled-password –home /opt/home/freetz freetz RUN apt-get install … Continue reading

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OpenWRT and Wake on Lan over InterNet (WOL, WOLI)

Hey just easy follow: for HowTo: for WakeOnLan-Service: just as example. Enjoy.

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OpenWRT 10.03-RC6 Backfire continued: re-connect script

just for the logs, if you are disconnected by your ISP every 24 hours and you like this to happen during the night you will like this re-connect script for pppd based connections. #!/bin/sh killall -HUP pppd if you like … Continue reading

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OpenWRT dyndns updated failed with badauth

Ok first issue found but easy to workaround: dyndns updated failed with badauth, due to the fact there is wrong escaping of special char within the password phrase. solution: change the password to a right escaped one and you stay … Continue reading

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Netgear WNDR 3700 v2 DD-WRT or OPENWRT?

I just checked out the netgear 3700 v2 wlan (draft n, dual channel) gigabit router from netgear. First of all I tried the shipped firmware, which has already a lot of features but some have been missing for me at … Continue reading

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Maybe someone likes the idea to have the same. Some may question: “What the … are you doing at HOME?”, my answer is: “Yes, you are right, but…”

This enables me to do very easy:

Remote support for my Family / Friends (via VNC or Remote Desktop)
without having all the ugly questions (what is you IP?, Is the firewall down?, Have you …?)

Home Network

Router with DYNDNS
Clients: Windows 7 (what else)
Filer: OpenSolaris


Router (with DYNDNS, but not needed after the VPN works)
Clients: Whatever they like


Currently done with OpenVPN Continue reading

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