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openbr @ docker

Hi, just testing face recognition and face detection, so i came over openbr. In order not to mess up my system i build it via docker, that what i like to share. building: docker build -t openbr openbr/. running (enables … Continue reading

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wtv2m2t – windows media center recordings to m2t format

Hi, so i am on a journey from windows to linux an one of my encounters it the history of windows media center files, in my case wtv-files. I would like to process them like all my DVB-T recordings with … Continue reading

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Upgrade to from Windows 7 (with broken update) to Windows 10 – old school

Hi, as most I was rushing this week to get my windows 7 (qemu instance) upgraded to windows 10, actually it was quite trouble some. Most pain gave me the broken update function in my windows 7 installation (which I … Continue reading

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Cool down – Family Notebook

Hi, something i would like to share is the familiy notebook story. Actually the problem is that we have a family notebook with 5-7 active users and the fan was loud. So I decided to use a cpufreq governor “ondemand”, … Continue reading

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Freetz @ docker

Hi, as you may already notice I nowadays used to play with docker. Therefore I just tried to dockerize Freetz. Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:vivid #FROM ubuntu:trusty RUN mkdir -p /opt /opt/home /opt/bin RUN adduser –disabled-password –home /opt/home/freetz freetz RUN apt-get install … Continue reading

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Klett – Nusskacker 2 (school cdrom of my daughter)

Hi, ok this time I share something I did to keep my spare time spare time, these weeks school started again and my daughter arrived with a new book including a CD. Long story short is it “nusskacker 2” from … Continue reading

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docker @ v-server strato, final results

Ok, so lets finalize the story. I found that the missing cgroups are the main reason for the failure. Docker expects working cgroups, like: # example /proc/cgroups: # #subsys_name hierarchy num_cgroups enabled # cpuset 2 3 1 # cpu 3 … Continue reading

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