wtv2m2t – windows media center recordings to m2t format


so i am on a journey from windows to linux an one of my encounters it the history of windows media center files, in my case wtv-files.

I would like to process them like all my DVB-T recordings with DVBCUT, therefore i need an m2t file to proceed.

Solution: wtv_2_m2t.sh (using ffmpeg)


echo "WTV2M2T..."

[ -z "$1" ] && {

   echo "usage: $0 <wtv-inputfile> [<m2t-outpufile>|default:\$1.m2t]"
   exit 1

[ -z "$2" ] && OUTPUT="$1.m2t" || OUTPUT="$2"

ffmpeg -i "$1" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "${OUTPUT}"

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