Upgrade to from Windows 7 (with broken update) to Windows 10 – old school


as most I was rushing this week to get my windows 7 (qemu instance) upgraded to windows 10, actually it was quite trouble some. Most pain gave me the broken update function in my windows 7 installation (which I use only for steam windows games via IOMMU GFX passthrough)

So how to solve, quite simple everything failed:

  • Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant
  • GWX – Tool (Systry-Icon)
  • BuildInstallationMedia Tool

So no way forward, because everything listed above would like to update during installation.

Solution (old school ;))

  • Download via the buildinstallationmedia tool the ISO (my case windows 10 – ger – 64bit)
  • mount the iso or burn it
  • in order to install (my case upgrade) use the setup.exe in the root of the ISO.
    • The first thing you will be ask if you would like to update during install/upgrade -> ANSWER: NO.

Yes so it was and it worked. đŸ˜‰ Enjoy.

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