Windows 10 ahead… so i have to change some things…

Ok what i mean with that, basically i get a little bit strange feelings when a major vendors starts to give one a main product for free in the future and as many i like windows 7, i was a little bit disappointed by 8.1 and 10 does not make me feel better. My personal assumption is that everybody will get something like “starter” or “home” for free and streams like “professional” and higher will be quite expensive or limited in features if anyway available for non volume licenses.

So what do I head for, quite simple for a back to the basics setup, with the answers to my it-questions: What i really want to do with my infrastructure at home?

  • Family stories:
    • Private Picture/Video stuff
    • Video on Demand services
    • Multiply Clients
      • Windows 7
      • I-Devices
      • Andorid-Devices
      • SmartTV
  • IT-Hobby stories
    • Play with virtualization
    • Play with containers
    • Play with infrastructure
    • Do not spend any minute for things a computer can do on his own.
    • Play some Steam based games

So what do I Need?

Basically I conclude on the following:

  • Infrastructure
    • Router + HDD -> OpenWrt in Place with WD3800 -> Done.
      • ISP-Connect
      • UPnP-NAS for Audio/Video on Demand @ Home
    • DVB-T Recorder -> Raspberry Pi with DVB-T Stick + tvheaded in place -> Done.
  • Servers
    • Storage
      • In Place my storage box which was in former times based on opensolaris, is now Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + zfsonlinux which works quite well for me. -> Done
    • Card/cal – Servers
      • Thats basically currently hosted @ my strato v-server -> Done
  • Clients
    • Laptops
      • Sony
        • Windows 7 Home -> Full of crapware
        • Re-Install to Linux Ubuntu 14.04 to be done.
        • For Windows Stories I will setup and VDI for my wife to connect with RDP.
          • By the way i recommend to setup, separated accounts for external tasks like kindergarden administration (connected to onedrive accounts) or other stories, so a activity end is easy to be clean up from the system.
      • Other
        • Stay at Windows 8.1 for support the children’s stories, like tiptoy etc..
    • Towers
      • Currently only one:
        • Now Windows 7, mainly for picture rework, gaming and printing

My conclusion is that i have to be more smart on the client side, doing VDI for windows on a server, so it is no longer linked to client failures, my picture stories other things can be moved to Linux and the gaming i head for in-house streaming.



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