docker @ v-server strato, final results

Ok, so lets finalize the story. I found that the missing cgroups are the main reason for the failure.

Docker expects working cgroups, like:

# example /proc/cgroups:
#  #subsys_name	hierarchy	num_cgroups	enabled
#  cpuset	2	3	1
#  cpu	3	3	1
#  cpuacct	4	3	1
#  memory	5	3	0
#  devices	6	3	1
#  freezer	7	3	1
#  blkio	8	3	1

The v-server shows an empty /proc/cgroups, therefore this can not be used bye the “cgroupfs-mount”.

So conclusion, docker with container start does not work at the moment due to missing cgroups availability within the v-server container Trauriges Smiley.


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2 Responses to docker @ v-server strato, final results

  1. i have some Strato “Multi-Server”, i think that they no mire listed. But i want to say: Because of the custom kernel my AUFS don’t work & implent new kernel mostly dont boot xD

  2. Michael says:

    Strato says:

    Bedauerlicherweise muss ich Ihnen mitteilen, dass auf Grund der Art der Virtualisierung auf unseren V-Servern keine cgroups unterstützt werden.

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