Docker own registry–first struggles …

So following all the documentation I set up my own registry, but I stumbled over one issue (reported or not I have not checked this) for a standalone server.

So starting point is the config_sample.yml which was copied to config.yml and the follow starter (one of my scripts).




ls -l ${BASE}

export DOCKER_REGISTRY_CONFIG=”/home/local/bin/docker-reg-config.yml”

export STANDALONE=”true”
export SQLALCHEMY_INDEX_DATABASE=”sqlite://${BASE}/db/docker-registry.db”
export STORAGE_PATH=”${BASE}/registry”
export SETTINGS_FLAVOR=”local”

gunicorn –access-logfile – –debug -k gevent -b -w 1 docker_registry.wsgi:application

Ok, looks good, yes but the point is that the “export STANDALONE” does not work, for a unknown reason, due to the fact I have not found any hit via goolge, I usually assume that I did it wrong.

    loglevel: _env:LOGLEVEL:debug
    storage_redirect: _env:STORAGE_REDIRECT
    standalone: true

So I have hard coded that. Smile


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