Netgear WNDR 3700 v2 DD-WRT or OPENWRT?

I just checked out the netgear 3700 v2 wlan (draft n, dual channel) gigabit router from netgear. First of all I tried the shipped firmware, which has already a lot of features but some have been missing for me at least, stuff like:

  • openvpn support
  • ssh login
  • rsync support
  • internet wake-on-lan

So I tried DD-WRT, first impression was perfect, but after a week I soon noticed the issues with this installation, problems areas are:

  • wireless support, unstable, only partial bandwidth
  • internet connection, just after second request, dropouts
  • workaround needed like, daily reboot of the device
  • no package system, just with a after work
  • and and and…

So I just moved to OPENWRT 10.03-rc6, since Friday, long story short up to now I like what I see.

  • Internet, first request works, stable
  • wireless, works fine and stable, >7 MB/s stead of <1,5 MB/s with DD-WRT (all at 2GHz Band, with a lot of neighborhood interference, and client only can handle 150MB max)



  • opkg Smile very nice
  • and and and…

So my experience is take openwrt for the netgear 3700 v2. Enjoy.

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